Garage Door Repair Tips For Dented Panels

One of the more common problems that can happen to garage doors is panel denting. It can happen when there's impact from someone or an object. If you're looking to fix this problem and restore your garage door's aesthetics, consider these actions.  Tap Out Small Dents with a Mallet If you have smaller dents on your garage door, then all you may need to do to alleviate them is tap them out with a mallet.

Garage Door Spring Repair Basics: What You Need To Know

Your garage door depends on a set of springs to help control the door's movement and operation. Those springs are under extreme tension and, because of the demanding role that they serve, they are vulnerable to wear and failure. Understanding the signs of garage door spring trouble and the fundamentals of why you should seek professional repair can help you to be prepared for this type of issue. Here's a look at what you need to know.