Garage Door Springs Replacement: Signs You Need It

If you have a garage door, then you also have garage door springs. These are the parts of a garage door responsible for it being able to open and close efficiently without slamming all the way up or down. When you have a need for new garage door springs, you have to call your garage door service provider and specialist to do the work.

Replacing springs to your garage door is not an easy task, but it is necessary to keep your garage door in its best condition. Here are signs you need to do this common replacement.

Here's a great tip: once you have your new garage door springs installed, take care to only use your garage door as needed. A single-time opening and closing is one cycle of a garage door spring, and they only last so many cycles. In other words, the less you use your garage door, the longer the springs will last.

Your garage door has no give 

The unit responsible for allowing your garage door to open and close with a little bounce and some give is your spring. The springs stretch out with time and lose their elasticity and bounce, and therefore they give out when they are worn out. Try manually opening and closing your garage door. If it just slams open or shut without a little bounce or goes too fast, then the garage door springs need to be looked at.

You may need to replace all the springs to get the most efficiency out of your garage door. Your garage door specialist will give you a quote for services to help you budget for this needed service call. If you have springs under warranty or the entire garage door under warranty, the repairs may come at very little cost to you.

Your garage door is unreliable

The springs in your garage door are responsible for allowing the unit to stay half open as well as all the way open or closed. Loose or non-working springs will cause your garage door to not stay in place. This is something you have to have your garage door service specialist check out right away as the garage door can just come slamming down one day or cause other issues that can be dangerous or harmful. Your garage door springs will have to be replaced periodically to get the most out of your garage door unit, so be mindful of this need when scheduling maintenance checks.

For more info, contact a garage door service