Do You Need To Call A Garage Door Repair Service For Slow-Moving Doors?

Are you frustrated and inconvenienced because it takes a long time to open and close the garage door? A slow garage door could also put you at risk since you become exposed to potential attacks while waiting outside the garage. In rare cases, the door may become clogged and completely stuck. There are several possible explanations for this issue, but garage repair services can bring the door speed back to normal with various fixes. Here's why the garage door may move slowly and how garage door repair technicians can fix it:

1. Door Roller Wear

One common reason for garage doors to open slowly is roller wear. As the rollers wear, the door moves up and down, causing the door to move slowly—or not move at all. This causes a loud squeaking from the door due to roller wear. The door then becomes difficult to open and eventually stops working altogether. A repair technician can replace the rollers to restore door movement.

2. Defective Door Rails

Over time, the garage door rails may deteriorate, and the door may move slowly or not at all. This damage can also be caused by a heavy object, such as a vehicle, knocking on the door. Door technicians can rebuild the rails to make the gate work again.

3. Loose or Broken Spring

Garage door lift springs can break over time, and the door can move slowly or stop moving completely. Loose springs can cause unpleasant noises. You might also hear a loud popping noise when a torsion spring snaps. A garage door repair technician can replace the springs to make the door work again.

4. Loose or Worn Electrical Wiring

Moving the garage door up and down requires a complex electrical system. The wiring that adjusts the garage door opener may break, and the door may move slowly or not at all. A garage door repair technician can repair or replace the wiring to get the door up and running again.

5. Broken and Dirty Sensors

Dirty or defective sensors are one of the most common causes of stiff garage doors. Sensors are there to indicate when to open or close the door for security reasons. If they don't work properly, the door won't move at all. Workshop repair specialists can clean or replace the sensor to bring the door back into operation.

Slow-moving garage doors are not only annoying, but they are also risky because they are vulnerable home access points. Fortunately, there are many solutions to this problem. Contact a garage door repair service such as Armor Overhead Door if you need assistance with your garage door.