Garage Door Repair Tips For Dented Panels

One of the more common problems that can happen to garage doors is panel denting. It can happen when there's impact from someone or an object. If you're looking to fix this problem and restore your garage door's aesthetics, consider these actions. 

Tap Out Small Dents with a Mallet

If you have smaller dents on your garage door, then all you may need to do to alleviate them is tap them out with a mallet. You can tap from the opposite direction and get panels to be even again.

Just make sure you use a rubber mallet when performing this step because the soft materials will prevent more damage from happening. Once you have a rubber mallet, use short taps to see how the dented panels react. You can then adjust your tapping depending on which directions the panels go in. 

Consider Rapid Cooling and Heating

If you're dealing with hard-to-remove dents, then tapping may not suffice. Instead, you may need to alter the structural makeup of your garage door using rapid heating and cooling. By applying heat and then cold air immediately after, you may have an easier time working with dented panels.

You don't need a lot of special tools for this dent removal process either. You can simply line up heat-resistant materials around sections that have dents and then use a lighter to heat the sections up. Then you can use an air compressor to blow cool air around the sections. If you do this enough times, you should have an easier time getting the panels to move in whatever direction you want. 

Hire a Professional if DIY Methods Aren't Working

If nothing you try at home helps you get rid of dents around garage door panels, then you may need to just hire a professional contractor that's experienced with garage door repairs. They have other dent removal methods that might prove more effective, such as using suction devices.

They can set them up on the dented portions and then move panels in opposite directions of the denting. A professional contractor may also be needed to manipulate garage door panels made out of thick, durable materials like steel. 

Instead of thinking you have to find a new garage door when dents show up on the panels, you can always try different removal techniques. Eventually, you're going to find something that works and helps restore your garage door back to the way it looked before. 

For more information on garage door repair, contact a professional near you.