Check Your Garage And Security System To Keep Criminals Out Of Your Home

Home security is important and you likely already do many things to keep your home secure. There are other ways a criminal can get into your home you may not have considered, such as through the garage and your home security system.  Keep reading to see if your home has these problems so you can get them repaired or changed.

Garage Door

If you have a garage attached to your home, a criminal could possibly get into the garage to gain access to an exterior door. One way they can do this is through the garage door opener.

In the beginning, all garage door openers were given the same code. This makes it very easy for a hacker to determine what this code is by using a special transmitter. If your garage door opener is old, upgrade it to a new more secure one. Newer garage door openers use a rolling code technology. This means your remote uses a new security code every time you press the button on the garage door opener. This greatly reduces the chances of a criminal determining what the code is.

You should also hire a garage door technician, like one from A AAA Allstate Door Company, to come to your home to make sure the garage door itself is secure. The contractor will make sure the hinges, locks, and frame are in good condition. If they find a problem, they can easily repair or replace them for you.

Security System

A burglar can easily gain access to your home through your security system using simple hacking tools. Once they do this, they can deactivate the security alarm, walk through your front door, take anything they want, and then leave without a trace.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to prevent this. When you purchase the security system the manufacturer already set up the password. This password is generally a simple one that hackers can easily determine what it is. You need to change this password to something that is very unique. For example, use numbers, capital letters, lowercase letters, and symbols in the password. If you are not sure how to change the password, contact the security company or the manufacturer.

If the security company has any firmware updates for their security system, make sure they are installed. These updates fix any security issues they have found in the firmware that criminals could use to hack the security system. In most cases, they will alert you when there is an update.

Follow these tips to keep your home and your family safe from attackers.