Four Tips For Preparing To Paint Your Garage Door

If the appearance of your garage door leaves a little to be desired, hiring a garage door contractor to replace it can give you the look that best suits your taste. For a short-term solution to your problem, however, it's worthwhile to think about painting the garage door. Doing so requires a minimal investment of money and is something that can feel satisfying to accomplish on your own. As with other painting jobs, the right color and style of paint, along with a selection of brushes and rollers, can help you get the job done right. Here are four other tips to keep in mind as you prepare for the project.

Choose Your Color Carefully

It's important to devote time to picking the right color of paint to suit the door, your home overall, and your tastes. Many homeowners opt for a color that complements the look of the home -- for example, matching the paint with the color of the front door or matching it to the trim on the front of the house. Vibrant colors can be effective, too, but think twice about anything too bright because it might draw too much attention to your garage.

Consider A Two-Tone Look

Many homeowners who are skilled at painting are able to create a visually appealing look by going for a two-tone look. Using complementary colors, the door is painted one color and the outlines of the square panels are painted another. This process requires some patience and the use of painting tape, but can be ideal for some people to think about.

Preparation Is Crucial

Even if you're eager to get the job done, you should never skimp on preparing the surface of the door. For a metal door, treatment with a paint scraper or a sander will remove any flakes of the old paint that could eventually lift the new paint; if you have a wooden door, the same tools can help, but be careful to avoid sanding too deeply with the sander. Make sure you get every loose flake of paint, as doing so will drastically improve the finished product.

Keep The Weather In Mind

Once you've prepared the door, don't automatically begin the painting process until you've confirmed the weather forecast. Of course, you need a day with no chance of rain, but this job isn't suitable for the winter, either. Check the paint to note its ideal application temperature and ensure that the forecast meets this criteria.

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