How To Keep Your Garage Secure

Your garage holds some of your most expensive possessions, including your vehicles, your tools, lawn care items, and recreational vehicles. Despite having so many valuables in your garage, you and your family may not be as careful with garage security as you should be. As a homeowner, you need to evaluate the security of your garage and take steps to make it better.

Cover Up

You will discourage thieves if you make it impossible for them to see what you have inside. Keep the door lowered at all times, even when you are home. In addition, cover the windows with curtains or black them out with dark-colored plastic or fabric. You can make these coverings pretty so you do not have to look at an unattractive interior. Just make certain that no one can get a look at your possessions. 

Garage Door

Of course, your garage door needs to be in good shape. If it is showing signs of wear or is beginning to malfunction, you need to contact a skilled professional to evaluate and repair your door. Your garage door professional may advise that you invest in a new model if your door is over ten years old. A new door will offer you more security from burglars and simply operate more smoothly.

Security Devices

Investing in a garage door timer can add another layer of security to your home. Too often, someone in your home probably forgets to lower the garage door, practically inviting thieves to enter and help themselves. These devices are affordable and can be programmed to close the door after a certain period of time after it is opened. You never have to spend the day at work worrying about an open garage door again. 

A garage door monitor is similar to a timer, but you can keep a monitor near you so that you can hear when the door opens. You can make certain the door is closed while you are inside house, any time of the day or night.

Your garage can be the weak point in your home security plan. Too often people have old or malfunctioning garage doors that they frequently forget to close. You can greatly enhance your garage's security by investing in garage door repairs or replacement. Other common sense measures also deter thieves and give you peace of mind. If you cover your windows and invest in some garage door monitoring devices, your possessions are more likely to stay in the garage. For more advice, talk with a company like America's Garage Doors LLC.