Three Must-Do Maintenance Chores For Your Garage Door Tracks

The tracks on your garage door are an often-ignored but integral part of the system, whether you have an automatic opener or a manual door. Dirt, damage, and poor lubrication can all lead to a noisy or difficult-to-operate door. The following are three ways that you can ensure the garage door tracks are in good condition.

#1: Keep the Tracks Clean

Dust, dirt, cobwebs, leaves, and other nasties can build up in the tracks. This gunk is then ground in deeper each time you open or close the door. You can use a stiff hand brush to get all the debris out of the tracks. Open the door about 12 inches and then dry scrub the tracks with the brush. Once this is done, dampen a rag with paint thinner and use this to scrub down the inside of each track. The paint thinner strips out old grease and dirt, making the tracks like new, and it also air dries quickly. The only concern is that you must have the door partially open to provide ventilation. Cleaning the tracks twice a year in spring and fall should be sufficient.

#2: Lubricate Wisely

The moving wheels that roll along the tracks also need regular care. First, clean each wheel individually with an old tooth brush. If you notice any damage, replace the wheel with a new one. Newer wheels have bearings in them. You can dip the toothbrush into the paint thinner and scrub carefully around these bearings to remove old lubrication gunge. Older wheels may not have bearings, so you can simply wipe the inner channel out with a rag or toothbrush. Once the wheels are cleaned, take a silicon lubricant that is formulated for garage doors and add a drop or two to the bearing channel or empty channel of each wheel.

#3: Check the Tracks

Your final task is to make sure the tracks are in full working condition. First, check the entire length of each track channel for dents or dings that could bind the rollers as they make their way through the track. You can usually pull out small dings by hand, but you may need to call in a service person to fix more extensive damage. Once the tracks are inspected and fixed, if necessary, dampen a rag with the silicon lubricant. Wipe down the interior of each track with the rag to apply a light coat of the lubricant. Now, open and close the door a few times so the lubricant is evenly distributed along the track and within the wheels. Your door should operate more smoothly and with less track noise. Contact a garage door service like Spring King Garage Door Repair for more information or assistance.