Tired Old Garage? 5 Ways To Give It New Life In A Weekend

Most home-owning Americans have access to a garage but think little about it. Often either stuffed with extra things -- of which not a lot is organized or well-maintained -- or only considered a place to store a car, the lowly garage is one of the least-attended spaces in the home. Here are 5 ways you can make over your garage into an attractive and useful space in as little as a weekend.  


The first place to begin in transforming your garage into a working part of your home is to organize it. This can take just a day or two depending on how much is already packed into the area. When sorting through items to determine what needs to be kept and what you can get rid of, categorize the things that will remain. Keeping items of similar use together will make it easier to maintain and find them again. Make use of organization aids as much as possible, including things like hooks, floating shelves and stackable bins. Open shelving lining the walls is another good way to minimize the footprint of storage as well as making it easier to organize. 

Think Vertical

If you still have a lot of things that need stored, start thinking vertically. Most garages have a lot of unused space above the head. Overhead storage can be as simple as hanging metal shelves bolted to the ceiling and lined with clear boxes for ease of use. Hooks and metal grids can store power tools, outdoor tools and even bicycles on the walls. 

A New Door

Make sure your garage has modern, working doors -- both for cars and for people. This saves money by avoiding drafts and leaks. An attractive and functional main garage door also adds curb appeal and increases the beauty and value of the home. In fact, a new style of garage door -- such as carriage style or wood panels -- can make over your entire front entrance.  

New Flooring

Once you've cleared space on the floor of your garage, consider installing a new floor to give it a new shine. Epoxy floor coating is an excellent choice for durability and beauty, and it can often be installed in a day or two. Such flooring is usually available in stone finishes, faux marble, tile designs and even a high-gloss sheen. 

Create a Mud Room

Carve out part of your garage for use as an entry point for gardening, kids playing outdoors or just cleaning up from working. With a space as small as 5 to 8 feet on each side, you can create a new use for your old garage. Mark off the space surrounding one of the outdoor entrances and install a deep sink and wood or metal counter top. Lockers can hold extra supplies, cleaning equipment and outdoor wear. 

Giving your garage a face lift doesn't need to be expensive or time-consuming. But it will add beauty and value to your house, give you extra living space and increase utility all around. So why not get started this weekend? 

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