Are There Different Types Of Garage Doors?

The garage door says a lot about the garage, the home and the property, as a whole. Choosing an aesthetically pleasing door for your garage is essential to add to a home's curb appeal. There are four basic types of garage doors you can choose from, depending on how you'd like the door to function. Consider your needs and choose one of these options when you are having a new garage door installed.

The Swing Out Design

Swing out doors are referred to as carriage style doors. They open on either side using large hinges. The downside to the swing out design is the door must be opened manually, so you will have to get out of your vehicle to open the door every time you come home. These carriage style doors are perfect if you are looking to add an old wood charm to your home.

The Swing Up Design

Swing up garage doors are a lot like roll up doors, but instead of bending upwards, they swing straight out. They can then be pushed lightly up to the top of the ceiling to be held into place. These doors are ideal if you're not going to be placing anything on the ceiling of the garage, such as a loft. The mechanisms needed to hold the door in place while open make it difficult to add any other items on the ceiling.

The Side to Side Design

Side to side doors are also called sliding barn doors. These push from one side to the other, and can create a small or large opening. They sit on tracks on the top and bottom of the garage. These doors are ideal to get in and out of the garage quickly. They provide a beautiful, charming appeal to the outside of the garage, but can be a tedious chore to drive vehicles in and out of as they also have to be operated manually.

The Roll Up Design

Roll up garage doors are the most common type of doors to have. They come in many styles, colors, and materials to match the garage. They can automatically open using a small remote that can be placed on your keychain. They can roll up and down with ease, even without the automatic opener.

Once you've chosen a garage door, you should speak with a professional contractor for garage door installation. Having the door function properly will make your life easier. Make the most of your garage with the right door that fits your needs and style.