Two Questions About Common Problems With Automatic Garage Doors

A functioning garage door can be both a convenience and value enhancing device to install on your home, but an automatic garage door is a powerful and complex device. As a result, it is not unusual for new homeowners or those that have only recently purchased a garage door to have a couple of questions about these machines. After learning the following answers to some routine automatic garage door concerns, you should be a more informed homeowner when it comes to these devices, and this can help you to avoid repairs while getting the most out of this device. 

Will A Garage Door Work When The Power Is Out? 

While electricity is one of the amenities about your home that you likely take for granted, there are times when it can be off due to storm damage or other problems with the grid. In these instances, some people may assume that the automatic garage door will be unable to function, but this is not actually the case. 

These doors have a manual mode that is designed for just such occasions. By switching to this mode, you should be able to easily open the garage door by hand. For those that want to avoid having to do this, it is also possible to install battery reserves that can power the garage door until the electricity is restored. 

Is It Normal For Garage Doors To Be Extremely Loud?

Due to the power and weight of these doors, it should not be surprising that some amount of noise is unavoidable when they are in operation. However, there can be times when this sound suddenly or gradually increases to the point where it is disturbing your neighbors or life inside your home. In these instances, it is important to contact  professional to service your door because this may be a sign that the system is either low or lubricant or out of alignment, and both of these problems can be  serious threat to your garage door system. 

When there is not enough lubricant, the door will likely run into friction and heat generation problems. Eventually, this can cause the frame of the door to warp, which may require replacing the entire system to repair. Additionally, the door being out of alignment can pose similar threats to the system. While it may be possible for you to correct these issues without professional help, this will almost always void the warranty on the door, and for this reason, you should always make sure that only a licensed and manufacturer certified contractor is allowed to work on your garage door. 

Understanding some of the basic issues that your garage door can encounter is an important step in avoiding some routine issues that can leave you responsible for expensive repair bills. By knowing what to do when the garage door starts becoming louder and that a lack of power does not have to disclude the use of the garage door, you can make sure that you are getting the most from this valuable part of your home. For more information, contact Overhead Door Of Akron