Dispelling Garage Door Care Myths

Garage door maintenance is a task that many homeowners neglect to consider, and this can lead to a higher likelihood that the device will encounter a major problem. In addition to requiring you to pay for expensive repairs, these issues can also leave your car stranded on the inside or outside of the garage. As a result of the lack of attention given to this part of the home, many homeowners may believe a couple of common myths about this task that need to be dispelled.  

Myth: A Garage Door That Won't Close Is Always Suffering From A Mechanical Problem 

One of the most common problems that a residential garage door can encounter is an inability to fully close. While it may seem like this should always be a mechanical problem with the door, the source of the problem can actually be relatively simple. 

To determine whether or not it is safe for the door to close, a low power laser is present towards the bottom of the door. By having a laser on one side of the door and a receiver on the other, it is possible for the door to accurately know whether there is something in its way. However, if the receiver lens has dirt or dust on it, the door will interpret this as the doorway being blocked, but you can correct this issue by simply wiping the dirt away from this lens. 

Myth: Ice Accumulation On A Garage Door Is Not A Major Problem

For those with homes in particularly cold climates, it is not uncommon for large amounts of ice to accumulate on the door. This may not seem like a major problem, but ice can actually create any number of issues for your automatic door system. For example, the ice can prevent the door from opening, and the excess weight can break the motor. 

Luckily, this is a problem that you can avoid with the installation of special heating wires along the hinges on the front of the door. These wires will generate enough heat to prevent ice from forming on critical components of the door, which can drastically reduce the likelihood of major problems arising from this routine winter hazard. 

A garage door is a surprisingly complicated device to have on your home, but it can significantly improve the value and ease of access to the structure. By understanding the threats posed by significant ice accumulations on the door and that there is a need to clean the laser receiver at the foot of the door, you can drastically reduce the chances that your garage encounters issues. For more information, contact Shank Door