How To Clean A Garage Door With Pressure Washer

Cleaning a garage door is an important and critical part of maintenance that should be done on a regular basis. A dirty garage door will collect dust, dirt, and other contaminants that can be spread to other areas such as the rollers or tracks. Here is a simple list of step-by-step instructions on how to clean a garage door using a pressure washer

For the following task you need to assemble the following tools:

A bucket

Dish soap




Pressure Washer

Pair of rubber gloves

Access to a garden hose

1 - Start by putting on the pair of rubber gloves to keep your hands dry throughout this process. Then fill the bucket half-full with water and add a couple squirts of dish soap. Stir the bucket of soapy water until the soap has dissolved.

2 - Take the rags and bunk them in soapy water and apply it to the garage door. Make sure that you cover every area of the garage door with soap and gently scrub areas that have a lot of dirt and grime.

3 - Let the soapy water sit on the garage for a couple minutes to start to break down the dirt and grime. Let the water soak on the door for about five minutes, while you hook up the pressure washer. Attach the garden hose to the pressure washer and then turn on the water at the valve.

4 - Turn on the pressure washer and set it to a low pressure setting before starting to use it on the door. On a low pressure setting blast the soap off the door and then turn up the pressure washer to a higher setting to get any tough stains that remain on the door. For tough stains you can move closer to the door with the washer to apply more pressure and blast away the dirt and grim. Don't apply more than fifteen to twenty seconds of pressure to any one spot on the door or you could potentially strip the paint off the door.

5 - Once all the dirt is off the door turn off the pressure washer and dry the door. Take a couple dry rags and wipe off all the water that remains on the door to complete the cleaning.

Once the garage door is clean, test the door to make sure that it opens and closes properly without any problems. If you have an issue with the garage door opening then you should call a professional garage door repair person (such as one from Door Systems Inc) to inspect the mechanics of the door. A professional repair person can replace the tracks, rollers, or even the spring on your garage door to get it back up and running properly.