Squeaky Garage Door: The Probable Cause & Solution To The Problem

Does your garage door squeak each time it is opened or closed? There can be a few different issues causing the door to malfunction, but you the main problem may be that the tracks are out of place. In this article, learn what causes a garage door to squeak and how to get rid of the problem.

What Can Lead to a Garage Door Squeaking?

The tracks are one of the main parts of a garage door that helps it function as it should. Sometimes the screws in the tracks can become lose and cause the tracks to move out of place. The reason loose tracks can lead to the door squeaking is due to the door having to struggle as it is opening or closing. The solution to the problem is to align the tracks and tighten up the screws. However, the problem may also stem from the tracks being dented and you may need new ones.

Rusty wheels on a garage door can also lead to the door squeaking. The rust interferes with how smooth the door is able to move up and down the tracks. You can get your tracks oiled to see if it will fix the problem. Replacing the wheels is also a possible solution.

Another problem that can cause a garage door to squeak is from it being dented up, which is often the problem with metal doors. When a metal garage door is dented, it is possible that a specialist can get rid of the dents and stop the squeaking. However, removing dents may not be possible if there are a lot of them covering the door. You may want to get the door replaced.

What Does it Cost to Replace a Damaged Garage Door?

The price for a garage door replacement will depend on what kind of door you are replacing it with. The average price begins at $400 for an aluminum door. However, the price will be higher for doors that are wooden or steel. If you don't want to deal with the garage door getting dented again, it is in your best interest to invest in a wooden door that can average up to $3,000 plus.

A squeaky garage door can cause a lot of embarrassment, especially when you have to open it in the middle of the night when neighbors are asleep. Get in touch with a specialist so your garage door can be repaired or replaced with a new one. To learn more, visit Upstate Garage